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Home of the Cichlids: Lake Malawi

Venture to one of the world’s most amazing environments, Lake Malawi. More than 400 miles long and 700 metres deep, Lake Malawi is Africa’s third-largest lake and is full of amazing creatures to discover.

This huge lake was formed millions of years ago when violent subterranean forces tore the earth’s crust to create the Rift Valley.

Lake Malawi offers the most amazing environment for underwater creatures and is the fourth largest freshwater lake in the world! Bordering Malawi, Tanzania and Mozambique, Lake Malawi is home to over 1000 species of fish and 800 different species of cichlids, many of which you can find in our exhibit.
Cichlids have a long history, and many of the fish in Lake Malawi can be traced back to two original founder species.

This species may have a long history, but their future is under threat from invasive predators and over-fishing. It’s our duty to help preserve these beautiful creatures and share their story around the world.

See how many of these great species you can spot on your visit! Or just sit back and relax in this beautiful setting, and wait to see if Clyde the cheeky turtle comes to say hello.


Current Water Temp

26 / 78

Water Type

Fresh Water

Climate / Biome

Tropical Lakes

In This Exhibit

15 species | 3500 animals

Where are we?

South Africa

In This Exhibit

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