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Look no further if you’re planning the perfect educational school-trip for your pupils. Our KS4 classroom session is designed for children aged between 14 and 16 – and it gives you all the tools you need to learn about all things shark.

Sharks have inhabited Earth’s oceans for 400 million years, but today they’re under serious threat around the globe. You may think of sharks as ferocious fish that have nothing in their way – that’s true to some extent, but even these apex predators are not immune to human behaviour or climate change.

Like many species, sharks face a looming threat: a changing climate. As greenhouse gases cause global temperatures to rise, sharks are forced to adapt to much warmer and much more acidic oceans. Unfortunately, that puts shark populations at risk because their slow rate of evolution means they’re struggling to catch up with acute climate change.

In our KS4 classroom sessions, children will discuss how disasters can affect shark populations, and will examine the threats to shark species and their ecosystems. Through this, they’ll gain an understanding of the impacts that these changing ecosystems can have on sharks, the environment, and us humans.

The session includes:

  • Class discussions
  • Interactive activities
  • Animal encounters
  • Q&A session

Not to mention there will also be an opportunity for your pupils to closely examine some shark teeth and jaws, learn more about how they’re used, and compare the differences between different shark species.

Your pupils will leave the session with a better understanding of:

  • Some of the main factors that contribute to the decline of shark populations
  • What everyone can do to help protect sharks
Secondary School TripsPrices (inclusive of VAT)
Child PEAK (May-August)£9.25 per child
Child OFF-PEAK (Sept-April)£8.20 per child
Adult (additional to 1:10 free ratios)£16.36 per adult
Secondary School Session£40.25 per session (max 30 children)

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