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  • Tuesday: 10am – 5pm
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Is your class full of budding marine biologists? Maybe they’re just endlessly fascinated by what lives beneath the sea? Then we have the perfect activity for them – our Key Stage 1 classroom session is designed for children aged five to seven years old.

Join our ‘What Lives in Water?’ talk, and your pupils will:

  • Find out why turtles have shells, how many brains octopuses have, how many eyes starfish have, and more
  • Learn to identify and classify marine life
  • Learn to highlight the differences between marine creatures and other animals
  • Play with toy sea-creatures and explore how they have adapted to their deep-sea environment

That’s not all: learning at this classroom session is complete with interactive games, hands-on activities, a Q&A session, and an animal encounter… Yes, the children will get to interact with one of our creatures here at Blue Planet Aquarium! Plus, they will also get explore the rest of the aquarium as part of the session.

National Curriculum 

This classroom session is particularly suitable for Key Stage one primary school children, because they’ll learn within the National Curriculum for their age group:

  • Identifying and classifying creatures, i.e. whether they’re herbivores, carnivores, or omnivores
  • Answering questions based on their own observations
  • Learning to name different oceans
  • Comparing living things and objects using simple features

Pay us a visit and we will bring the Primary National Curriculum to life!

Educational School TripsPrices (inclusive of VAT)
Child PEAK (May-August)£9.25 per child
Child OFF-PEAK (Sept-April)£8.20 per child
Adult (additional to 1:6 free ratios)£16.36 per adult
Primary School Session£35.50 per session (max 30 children)

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